What You Need to Know About the Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti snoringSnoring Mouthpiece mouthpiece

Yes, most of us snore. It’s something that we have either gotten used to by now, or not. If you’re the former, good for you. If you’re the latter, that’s probably why you’ve found this website.

We know that about half of people snore. More men than women, but we could have guessed that. Also, it runs if the family, and becomes less of an issue as you get older (till about 70).

What types of anti snoring options are there?

If you’re one of those people that don’t want to wait until you’re 70, there are all kinds of options to try and battle it.

  • Spray
  • Masks
  • Bands
  • Solution
  • Mouthpiece
  • Surgery
  • Special pillow

You name it, it’s been done.

I haven’t tried all of these myself, but I wanted to try the most simple one I could think of.

How does an anti snoring mouthpiece work?

Most just slide your jaw forward while protecting your teeth. This enables you to breathe easier, and stops the snore. Only one mouthpiece deals with your tongue.

Do they actually work?

Quite frankly, yes. They are one of the oldest remedies for snoring, and if they didn’t work we would know by now. Lots of times it can stop snoring instantly.

What are the best brands?

There are many brands of anti snoring mouthpieces out there, I have review the top three.

#3: Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouthguard

This mouth guard is specifically for those with braces. I didn’t want to leave that 0ut for any of you (or your kids), that may need to go this direction. It’s a top and bottom and has solid reviews on Amazon (between 3 and 4 stars).

#2: Eliminator Pro: Pro Adjustable Night Guard Bruxism Mouthpiece Sleep Aid

They just remodeled the original Eliminator to make the whole unit smaller. If you’re like me, one of the boundaries I had to cross while determining if I wanted to do a mouthpiece was how big and bulky it would be in my mouth. Smaller is definitely better. This new model is more adjustable and will mold to your teeth. It has a 4 star review rating on Amazon.

Zyppah, Snoring Mouthpiece#1: Zyppah

This is the one (and probably one) mouthpiece you will hear on advertisements on ESPN radio. The advertisement campaign for this product is great, and it has the functionability to back it up. Zyppah is the only mouthpiece on the market to prevent the tongue from getting into the back of your throat while sleeping. It has a 90 day money back guarantee, and is made right here in the USA.

This is the one I chose to use myself. You can check out my full Zyppah Review here.

 They are currently have a special for a Free Snap! Clean with purchase. This ends September 7th.


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